Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miss youuuuuu!

In classic kid fashion, Chase and Gavin are having the time of their lives playing with a cardboard box that Bryan left for them in the family room last night.

(excuse the horrible photo- I have to use my phone since I left my camera at Kristy's house on New Year's)

Overheard (as Chase was closing Gavin up inside the box):  "Byyyyyyyye, Guy!!!  Miss yooouuuuuuuu!!"

Yup.  That would be two two-word phrases coming from my boy :)

PS- That is the clean laundry littered all over the room and in/outside the box that I brought down to fold today.  Yeah.  That's gonna get done.

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amber malmberg said...

Some of my BEST childhood memories are in cardboard box forts. We would make the biggest maze forts and decorate them with crayons. Our best ones had doors and peep holes and anything that seemed secrative and mysterious! I'm just glad I had a mom that let us keep such a horribly ugly thing around. It was beautiful to us though! Good for you mom! Just keep letting them get bigger!