Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snitch- the first few days...

This Elf on the Shelf thing is entirely too much fun.  It is like the Leprechaun mischief spread out over 25 days.

So far, Snitch (his name, although Ian has yet to find this out) has been relatively calm...just watching the kids from atop the TV or on the refrigerator.  He actually climbed into our Christmas tree last night, and Ian found him nestled in the branches next to the Christmas pickle.

 He's on top of the fridge in this photo...but actually I just wanted to document my kitchen while it is clean and pretty :)
 And you can't see him in the tree, but isn't it beautiful?  I mean, aside from the cockeyed star, which I have given up all hope of getting it to stay on straight.  Just turn your head slightly to the right when you look at it.  There.  Perfect, no?

BUT tonight.  Oh, tonight.

Snitch has gotten a little bored around our house.  And I found him in the loo...and he forgot to flush.  Oh, and he TP-ed the bathroom.  I cannot WAIT for Ian to wake up tomorrow.

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