Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can see... (Ian's school project)

Ian made a rainbow book at school.  Each page is about a different color, and he cut out different pictures from magazines to illustrate each color.

For example, here is the page for orange:
I love his spelling of "soup"...SOOP.  Also "letters"=  LEDRZ.

But, by far, the best page and reflection on my parenting is the one for RED:
Yes.  My son cut out a picture of an alcoholic beverage and labeled it "WIN".  
I can see a red GLAS UV WIN.

I bet Ms. Brown thought that was a real hoot.  :)


Cate said...

hahahaha! that IS a GLAS UV WIN. love it.

William's school does the same thing, no correcting the misspellings. that'll come in a later grade, I hope.

Ian has great handwriting!

Tiffanyrose said...

The Cholesterol is killing me, sooo funny.

LeShayne said...

Hilarious!! Tori wrote a book in Kindergarten about her day - it said...I wake up and get dressed, play with my mom, eat some lunch, play with my friends, then daddy comes home from work and beats me up. Then I go to bed. - Fantastic! Kids are so funny without trying sometimes. Hope you enjoyed the "win" you may have needed after that!