Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I feel like I am starting to get backed up in blog posts...and I have such a terrible memory that I start freaking out that I will want to look back on something, but not remember it, and then it will be lost forever.

I read an article in Reader's Digest last month (this month?  See what I mean?!?!?) about a woman with an awful memory and seriously, seriously, completely and immeasurably related to it.  I used to be able to memorize entire plays in high school.  Now I can't remember a grocery list.

Moving on.

I went santa shopping at IKEA with my girl, Tiffany, next door neighbor extraordinaire, and my other girl through Tiffany, April, on the Tuesday before Christmas.  It was a total, wonderful mom's night out...whirlwind shopping, quick dinner in the food section, and shopping without boundaries (ok, boundaries, but at least they were further out than normal, not-Christmas shopping).

It was just really lovely to spend an evening with friends shopping for loved ones (and me!).

The only downside was that we only had 2 hours to do ALL of IKEA.  Oh, another downside was that I caved and ate an entire plate of meatballs...and did NOT feel good later.  Total shock to my system.  Won't do that again.

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LeShayne said...

LOVE Ikea. Glad you had fun! Did you buy anything?