Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Flip Side

Lest you think it is all unicorns and rainbows here...this is the note I got in Chase's agenda today:

Chase had a very hard time today.  He would not clean up the Legos that he dumped, he pushed the teacher assistant in the room, and then when he had to sit on the time out turtle, he spit all over the floor.  He was not the best Chase he could be.  :(

I know.

What the hell is a time out turtle?

Seriously, though.  How embarrassing is it to get the Note of Shame home?  I hate it.  I also hate that I feel pretty helpless as to what to do with this information.  I talked to him about it.  He said he was sorry (after I prompted him to say it).  He probably has no idea what I am talking about.  I mean, not to discount his level of understanding or anything, but when he is home, at least 2 hours after the fact, I just don't think he remembers about all that, or understands what I am talking about when I ask him if he spit at school (or pushed a teacher, for that matter).  So do I put him in time out here?  If I do, will he know why I am doing it?

I am glad that they told me what went down.  I just don't know the parenting rule on what to do about it.

*sigh*  I think perhaps that the homemade Christmas gifts are just not going to cut it after this episode.  Especially that poor TA.  If I could, I would spring for hot stone massages and a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble.  These ladies deserve some R&R.


ShannonH said...

Oh Laurie!!! I am so taking the 45 minute drive to hang. Time out turtle is right!? LOL So excited you have a blog, I had no idea. Lets make more time for each other. It will be great therapy!

Cate said...

aw, man. those notes are hard.

but he's a kid! everyone has a bad day sometimes. and anyone who works with kids had better be aware of that, right?

the communication thing, ugh. it's hard. I'd just assume that they punished him at school and not try to re-punish him at home. why put yourself through that??