Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finished Project

I believe one of my New Year's goals last year was to finish a knitting project...and this morning, I DID!  Ian wanted to wear it in the house this morning:
 To be fair, I did finish this last winter, well, mostly.  But it wasn't until this morning that I actually worked the ends in and for-real finished it.

Outtakes from the modeling shoot:
Agh!  The flash hurts my eyes!
 Ian had a real problem keeping his eyes open...
 At one point, he tried to actually hold his forehead up so that his eyes would stayed open.
 This reminds me of some sort of commercial- Scarves are FUN!  You need one, too!
This lovely one shows off his injuries from falling off his bed the other day.  He has a bruise and a scrape and a little swelling below his left eye, and for some weird reason his other eye looks reddish in the corner.  I am hoping that doesn't mean that he has a brain bleed or pink eye or something.  He didn't pass out or anything, and he seems totally fine...and it happened 2 days ago, so I am assuming everything is ok.  I hope...?  I think I may be taking him in to see the ped today...
*edited to add, according to Dr. Tiffany next door, he probably has 2 black eyes from the bump on his forehead.  I am going to take him into the ped this afternoon anyway, just to give him a good once over, and also get Gavin his flu  booster (shhh- don't tell him), and to look in Gavin's ears to see if he has an ear infection or is just in general being a pain in the butt about going to bed.

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Cate said...

woohoo! look at that, that's awesome. yay knitting!

hope everyone feels better soon.