Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday/Saturday Happenings

I am on single parent duty this weekend.  Bryan is recovering from a little bit of the snip snips, if you catch my drift.

So last night the boys and I ate dinner in front of a movie (Ponyo- the most bizarre movie ever, but the kids really seem to like it.  That, or they were beyond tired, close to comatose.)

This morning Ian woke up before the crack of dawn because he wanted to see if his Elf on the Shelf had moved during the night.  Agh.  Shame on me for reminding him about that just before he fell asleep last night.  He had, though, and Ian was beside himself excited about all the possibilities of where he was, how he moved, and what he told Santa.  More to come about that because he is freaking adorable and this is the best age EVER for Christmas.

We spent today over at my parents' house.  My mom watched the kids while I spent a WHOLE HOUR by myself browsing through a huge consignment store.  Love.  I found a singing talking Elmo that was new in a box for $10...that will help feed the Elmo-mania that is happening here.  I don't really know whether to give it to Chase or Gavin...or both?  I sense some fighting coming on.

After that, my mom and I bundled up the boys, a la The Christmas Story, and took them out to the lot where my dad was working with a backhoe to clear the stumps out of the ground.  Ian went pure boy on me and spent the next 2 hours riding around on it with his Papa.  The rest of us hung out until we were too tired and cold to stand it anymore. 

 Gavin looked like he had flippers when he had his mittens on.
Look!  Throwing rocks is fun when it is cold, too!
 In NC, there is no minimum age to operate a backhoe.

I drove home while the snow flurries blew around us, two sleeping boys in their seats, and Christmas carols playing.

My parents brought Ian home later, stayed for lasagna, and made gingerbread cookies with the kids.  Well, Ian actually helped this year, rolling out the dough, cutting them out, and decorating.  Gavin mostly ate all the raw dough he could scavenge, and Chase climbed all over the couch with my dad and ignored everyone (he even REFUSED a cookie!  Whose kid is this?!?).

Fun stuff.  I love this season.  I will love it even more when Bryan is healed and can join us on our weekend adventures again :)

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