Monday, December 13, 2010

Report Cards (Belated)

I keep forgetting to post the boys' report card results for the 2nd marking period.

Proficient early emergent reader
Proficient early emergent writer
Math- Proficient in Number Operation, Geometry, Data Analysis (haven't covered measurement or algebra...I expect the quadratic formula to come home any time now.)
S's in Science and Social Studies and all special areas
S's in listening, speaking, work habits, character, motor skills.

Ian is doing great.  He is an excellent listener, gets his work completed, and is very kind to others.  I am trying to get him to "speed" up!  :)

Yay!  So proud of my little man.  He is doing great.  I love the kind comment.  Makes me happy that not only is he on his best behavior, but he is also taking time to be nice.  The speed up comment cracks me up a little.  Yes, he can be a little molasses-y.  She said at our last conference that she was using the timer method with him- that he isn't messing around, just taking his sweeeeet time.

He also was chosen for the Terrific Kid Award for November.  More to come on that...where did I put those pictures!?!

Chase IEP Progress Report:
PT:  Chase has made exceptional progress with his functional mobility due to the activities embedded in his daily routine- going to the playground, etc.  He has met benchmarks 3 and 4.  Endurance is very appropriate with activities and pace on line continues to require occasional cues but this has improved also.

SLP:  Chase has shown progress in Speech-Language Therapy.  His overall attention has increased and requires less cues to complete an activity.  Chase continues to follow simple one step commandes, hoever requires prompting when the command  increases in complxity.  His expressive and receptive vocabulary continues to increase with new words/pictures/objects introduced during structured activities.  Keep up the great work, Chase!

OT:  Chase is displaying improved grasping skills.  He will engage in a thumb-finger grasp though struggles with precision.  We continue to work on manipulation of classroom objects and age appropriate toys.  He is a great kid!

Academic Skills:  Chase continues to be a joy within our classroom.  He responds well in small group and one on one interaction, as well as participates within large group activities with minimal adult support.  When Chase engages, he is able to match and point to 4+ colors, but labels most colors "purple".  He will repeat the colors when labeled by the teacher.  He is labeling star, circle, square, and rectangle, but will sometimes avoid answering questions during interactions or refuse to complete a task required of him.  He continues to demonstrate an understanding of 1, 1 more, two, while working with an adult in a small group.  We continue to work with a support with visual, verbal, and auditory cues to help him anticipate and follow our classroom routine.

My favorite comments, by far, are the ones from his teacher regarding his academic skills.  I'm pretty sure the honeymoon is over, don't you think?

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