Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet Eenie

Bryan has been working really hard tilling up our backyard so that we can make a giant garden  (I know, I know-- soap?  bees?  fish? and now a garden?  What kind of crazy do you have going on over there??).

So, he drove home in the rain today on his motorcycle and got the tiller out to finish up the job before the rain hit our house.  He skipped dinner and went straight to work.  Unfortunately, he hit some rock in our lovely crappy tract home yard, and broke something (the transmission?  I don't know) and couldn't finish the job.

He was really pissed about it (especially because we borrowed the tiller and now not only have to tell the owner that it is broken, but we have to get it fixed, too!  gah!).  There were gloves thrown.  Ian watched.

And when he was done being mad at the machine and the yard, Ian said in a little sweet voice, "Daddy?  If you tell me where the places are that you need to dig, I can dig them out for you."

Now, seriously, how can you be mad after that?  Bryan certainly couldn't be.  Everything will be alright :)

Tomorrow, Ian is going to have a rough day digging out the last 20 sq feet of sod...


Bryan said...

That will teach him to volunteer for anything in the future!

Really, he was so super sweet!

Tiffanyrose said...

I am so sorry! Please don't stress about the tiller. I am so sorry that it broke on you!