Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's Not Be Rash...

Poor Chase.  What started as a mild cold earlier this week has turned into some nasty fever-rash-cough-ear-infection thing.

He woke up from his nap this morning with his belly and chest covered in red spots.  It warranted a visit to the doctor because the nurse said it was recommended because I was pregnant.  

Of course, she tells me that it is probably a viral thing that they can't do anything about, but she also looked into his ears and found a.) a big nasty chunk of wax  b.) the right ear tube that had fallen out, and c.) a probable ear infection.

And his rash is now not only on his front, but also his back, some on his legs, and a little on his arms.  

So he's on an antibiotic now and I need to call the ENT on Monday.  Excellent.


LeShayne said...

Poor Chase! Poor Mommy! I hope the antibiotic clears it up super fast. We'll be praying for quick recovery for him. And your sanity.

carydip said...

Awww-don't you just hate it when they're sick. No matter how much comfort you give them you still feel helpless. Hope he feels better soon and it doesn't get any more serious. I'll pray for you all and send an extra batch of TLC to Chase. Love~Mom