Monday, May 4, 2009

Second Pacifier Update and More on the Murders

Chase has taken two naps today with minimal paci fussing.  Like, I didn't even have to go in a second time to calm him down before he fell asleep.  He asked for it, but I told him the pacies were all gone, and then he blew me kisses and laid down.

I seriously don't give the boy enough credit sometimes.

Update on murders:
Bryan talked to the fish store guy, and we found out that we didn't get the chlorine out of the water.  We assumed the bottle of stuff the fish girl told us to buy took care of everything, because she said, "This is all you need."  Silly us.  We also needed another bottle of chlorine taker-outer.  So that is how they died.  Poor fish.

The investigation is now closed.

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Angelle said...

So glad the day has gone smoothly without the paci.