Thursday, May 28, 2009

ENT Visit

After waiting in the reception area for over an hour, then in the exam room for another 15 minutes, we saw the ENT this morning.  Oh, yeah, and I was doing all that waiting with 3 small children, two of which needed a nap.  

Ian was a total trooper.  He was super helpful and in a good mood.  Chase was happy as long as he was allowed to go toddling down the two forbidden hallways.  William was mostly content in his stroller until he got hungry, whereby I had to stand by the stroller, holding his bottle for him, dropping it and running after Chase every 30 seconds to make sure he didn't make himself at home behind the front desk (which is code for climbing up on the rolling chairs and ripping the keys off the computer keyboards).  It was all very much fun.

When we finally saw the doctor (for 10 minutes) it was pretty much good news.  His ears look good, he probably didn't have an ear infection last week  (Yay for spending $70 on that last perscription!!), and both tubes are comletely out.  He had to dig around in his left ear with a long pointy metal instrument while I held Chase's head still (um, heart attack, anyone??) to get the tube out that was just sitting in his ear canal.  He also said that we would probably be in every once in a while to get his ears cleaned out, just because the size of the canals is preventing the wax buildup to fall out, like on typical kids.  Does anyone else have to do this?  Go to the ENT just to get degunked?  How often does that happen?  I should have asked, but at that point I was still feeding William the bottle, Chase was eating sticky pieces of granola bar out of my other hand, and Ian was trying to pull my left foot off.  

Anyway.  I guess we don't have to worry about another set of tubes unless he gets another ear infection, and maybe we can fight that off until at least after the summer.


Megan said...

We go for degunking appointments. Right now, since Stella's wee, it's every 3ish months. :-)

Becky said...

Just start dribbling a little hydrogen peroxide in his ear a couple times a week from a q-tip. It helps keep the wax build-up down and it's what we use in the office to flush out the gunk.

Anne said...

Nick has this problem (actually all 3 of mine do) and we use debrox or hydrogen peroxide about 2x per week and it seems to take care of it.