Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad Blogger

Has it really been a whole week without a new post?  Oops!

I wanted to post a bunch of photos of things that we have been doing here, but it is late, dark, and frankly I don't want to get off the couch.


1- Bryan finished tilling the garden, and even shoveled a dump truck load of garden soil over the plot with Ian's help.  Ian and I planted all our seeds and plants, and now we are just watering and crossing our fingers that something will grow.

2- Chase's rash is better :)  Still no idea what that was, but he's happy and healthy now.  We go to the ENT this week to see about that mssing tube.

3- Gavin's room is almost done.  I fnished his dresser and Bryan moved it upstairs for me this week.  I have his clothes and blankets and towels and sheets washed and ready to put in the drawers.  I moved the bassinet into our bedroom (which makes this all seem pretty real now...).  

The only thing not done is moving Chase out of the crib into the twin bed.  I don't think that will happen before Gavin gets here...  I think it would probably be ok, but it is easier right now to keep him contained in his crib.  Although, being a tad anal retentive makes it really difficult to leave that undone...I'm working on letting things go...

4- Bryan's bees are busy.  Our 4 starter fish are still alive.

5- Ian and Chase are officially out of school for the summer...whatever shall we do???  Both boys had picnics at school, which were cute :)

6- We did lots of other stuff...visited the library a couple times, played at the mall playplace (which Chase totally loves just as much as Ian does now!), enjoyed the hot weather with a 'swim' in the kiddie pool, and cleaned off the back patio and added some really bright astroturf outdoor carpet so that the kids have a clean, soft place to play outside (thaks Papa and Gaga!).

Anyway.  we've been doing lots, and I am tired.  You know, I love the feeling of being pregnant- the feel of the baby moving around- but I'm a little bit tired of carrying around the extra 50 pounds.  I thought about it the other day...when I carry Chase or William upstairs with me, that is 75 pounds total that I am hauling to the second floor!!  Ack!  2 more weeks, maybe...?

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