Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Little Bother

Well, since the photos are out, it is official.  My little bother, Scott, has graduated from college!  He probably won't even read this, but I just want it out there in cyberland that I am so incredibly proud of all he has done.  He has taken more math and science classes than I can fathom, and worked incredibly hard to overcome obstacles and get where he is.  AND he is going back for more when he starts his grad work in the fall-- as a graduate assistant, to boot.

So, even though I pulled out a clump of your hair when I was in middle school and called you a really really bad name (that you tattled to Mom and Dad about, you jerk), I am so very very happy for you, I respect you, and I can't wait to see what you do next (assuming that it doesn't involve jail time).

Love you!!!

**btw, those are my parents standing with him...aren't they the cutest??**


Anonymous said...

Thanks Laurie. I wish you could have been there for it but on the other hand, I wouldn't have wanted to subject anyone else to these ridiculously long ceremonies. I believe Mom and Dad split up the knowledge between us. We both excel in our areas only. Proof being that I am still a little confused on what a pronoun is and what it does.


Angelle said...

Congrats Scott!!!

mom said...

Note: the absence of the "r" in brother was intentional! It actually evokes good memories.

Two good kids - life is good!

Mandi said...

You're parents really are some of the cutest. :) (I can't say THE cutest, cause, you know, I have parents.)