Sunday, August 14, 2011


Grama here.  We've had bad thunderstorms every day since the tent shelter disaster but I've ordered a new frame so hopefully it'll be here soon.  Guess we'll have to take it down daily so it doesn't try to fly away again!
Had one 'potty-training' incident.  Gavin has good control and holds himself until he can do a 'big potty'.  The other day, Chase stood there watching Gavin doing his peepee,  When Gavin excitedly jumped up and was running to me singing 'I did peepee in the potty', Chasey picked up the bowl and heaved it!!  Now we had peepee all over the floor, rug, couch and Chasey.  OUI!!  Cleaned it all up and Chasey sat in time out-he knew what he did was wrong.  Never a dull moment!

Ianism:  Ian is a little pokey getting anything done, drags it out forever.  As he stepped in the shower I said, "Don't take two years".  Ian said, " if I took 2 years I'd be an old man!"

Took Chasey to get his glasses adjusted, which he's doing a pretty good job of keeping on.  It was sprinkling when we went into WalMart.  Getting ready to leave there was a downpour, so I bought an umbrella for our trip out to the car as it wasn't letting up anytime soon.  Was carrying Chase and holding the umbrella with my denim purse on my shoulder-all good.  Until I was trying to buckle Chasey into his car seat & hold the unbrella, by the time he was all set my purse, shorts and blouse were soaked thru!  But Chasey was dry ;)

Laurie's blog, is just beautiful with her running commentary on her and Bryan's journey to adopt Danila (Zeke), be sure to follow it.  Keep those prayers coming, will check in again later.

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Laurie said...

Chase has a way of keeping everyone on their toes!! Thanks for cleaning everything up and putting up with his antics.

Ian's two years comment is hilarious :)

Thank you for taking care of the little things like Chase's glasses. Couldn't do this without you!! You rock!!