Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Grader!

No more Kinder-cookie here!  Ian's in first grade today!

Tiffany caught this photo with Ian and Kenna and Andey for me before everyone went to their respective schools this morning.  Because of transfers and whatnot, they aren't in the same school this year, but they can still see each other off in the mornings :)

It is so weird for me to miss a first day of school, but LOVE that with the magic of Skype, I was able to see Ian before he left and chat with him about his day when he got home.  He told me that his new teacher is the most fun teacher in the whole school except for Chase's preschool teachers, AND he knows 3 friends from last year's class. Awesome :)

Here's to another excellent school year at Waxhaw!

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