Monday, August 29, 2011

Battle Scars

Grama Here. Today starts the first full week of school for Ian and Chase starts on Thurs. Look how proud Ian was on his 1st day of 1st grade.

On Friday while Konni watched Chase & Gavin, I went out to sew the netting on the trampoline from that wind storm we had a few weeks ago.  As I stepped out of the tramp, I put my foot down on the wooden steps, the steps rolled and I fell right on top of them with all of my weight landing on my thigh.   I laid there awhile rubbing my leg.  Enter my 1st multi-colored battle scar.

Then on Saturday I sadly took Konni to the airport, Popa (Kevin-Laurie's Dad) took Chase to his gym class and then I took Ian to a pool party.   I made a promise to Bryan & Laurie that I would get their 3 boys to Church, every Sunday at Elevation Church.  So Sunday I was busy getting the kids ready, came downstairs with my arms full, and stepped over the gate at the bottom.  My foot caught and I made a 4 point landing.  My right knee, right replaced shoulder, my upper lip and my nose smashed flat on the floor!   No pictures coming from that one.  Got the kids in the car and started off, only I forgot their backpacks-back home we go.   I grabbed 3 small boxes of raisins, 2 backpacks and an open bag of frozen peas.  Back out to the car and we're off!  After the kids finished their raisins they wanted more.  These crazy kids love frozen peas as a snack...*idea*... so I had them pass their empty raisin boxes forward and put some frozen peas, that I was using on my face, in the boxes!  Then put the frozen peas back on my face ;)  We ended up 15 minutes late to church but we got there.  Now, don't they say that things happen in 3's-oh woo is me!  But do they have to happen to the same person??? 
After we got home from church and McDonald's for lunch, Chase was running and he tripped and fell on the cement sidewalk=one bloodied knee :(    After naps we headed over to the Open House at Gavin's school, he's going to start in Sept, Tues & Thurs mornings.  It ended up being some clowns, some balloons and a sandwich supper and while there, Gavin took a tumble off of the chair he was sitting in. 

He was more surprised than hurt and after being held & rocked by Grama he was fine.  OH NO!  That's 4 things-are we starting over??  Let's hope not.  Please pray for Bryan, Laurie, Zeke, the 3 kids here...and me.

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Tiffanyrose said...

Holy cow that bruise looks awful! I am so sorry that you hurt yourself. The pictures of Ian's first day and Chase and Gavin do look pretty cute though :)