Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back among the Living!

Grama here!  Hi again, it's been an active and sick 9 days!  After Erin left, I picked up Konni, my sister-in-law, who's more like a REAL sister/best friend than anyone.  Thank God she was here.  My 'head cold' sent me to the Minute Clinic and the Doc said I had a fever, ear infection, raw throat, stuff in my lungs that was 'near-pneumonia'!  Konni stepped in after ONE day of 'training' and had the kids' routines down!  She even let me sleep in a couple of mornings while I recuperated.  Took my last antibiotic today and am only left with a little cough.  Chasey is on his second antibiotic which is working and he is much better now.  Had Ian to the Doc's yesterday with a cough but she said it was allergies.  Little Gavin is still going strong...knock on wood.
Yesterday, all 3 kids, Konni and I went to Ian & Chasey's 'Open House' at school.  I was amazed at how many adults were giving Ian & Chasey 'high fives' and welcoming them back to school!  I told Ian that everyone knew him and he informed me that, 'that's because I went here last year'!  Chasey got lots of hugs and "I love your glasses!"  Gavin just stomped around the hallways (he loves to hear the 'slapping' sound his sandals make) and Konni spent the whole time telling people he was NOT Chasey's little sister (in Chasey's classroom).  I went with Ian into his 1st Grade class room and within minutes he knew where his desk, cubby and backpack cabinet were.  He looked so proud.  We told his teacher, Mrs. Marx about his parents being in the Ukraine adopting a new brother and told her that Grama would be here if she needed anything.  Ian showed me all around the school and took me to the Computer Lab so we could get the 'Car Riders' sign for the dashboard.  All in all it was a great introduction to school starting today!  And it was a little strange for me to be in a 1st Graders classroom again, after all it's been 27 yrs since my youngest was in 1st grade!  Ian got up with his alarm today at 5:50 a.m. all by himself and was dressed and downstairs by 6 a.m...OMG that's early!

Another little note.  When I was here before, Laurie used 3 pointed little blue balls in her dryer instead of dryer sheets.  When I did laundry the first two times this time, no little pointy blue balls were anywhere to be found.  After I cleaned and organized the playroom, guess what I found?  Two pointy blue dryer balls amongst the many toys.  How they got from the dryer upstairs to the playroom downstairs I'll never know.  BTW the 3rd ball is still MIA!
Ordered a cable for my camera so I can include pictures in about a week.  Sure hope Bryan, Laurie & Zeke come home soon!!


Tiffanyrose said...

Sounds like you are doing an awesome job Grama!!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for getting them to open house! What a great start to the new school year.

PS- there are only 2 dryer balls. Stop looking for a third :)