Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sick & Tired

Grama here.  Well our first sickness has arrived.  Chasey came down with a low grade fever and a yucky nose.  Went to the Doctor and he's on antibiotics.   Erin, their cousin goes back tomorrow with a bad head cold.  And today I started with it.  : ( 
One other small note.  I'm amazed that their appliances talk to me!  Literally, they talk to me.  I was timing something on the microwave.  I hit Timer, put in the amount of time and hit Start...nothing.  So I cleared it and did it again, still nothing.  Then the readout on the Microwave said: "Press Timer Again" !!  Also when something has finished cooking in the Microwave, it beeps, if I don't get it out it keeps beeping till I do.  The refrigerator talks too.  If a door is left open, even a crack, it beeps at me and even shows me which door wasn't closed.  The dishwasher beeps at me if I stop a cycle and don't start it up again within a certain time.  When the stove is done cooking it beeps till I turn it off.  So, when I sit down to relax at the end of the day, some appliance in the kitchen is apparently talking to me!  None of my applicances talk or beep.  Modern age or no peace for the wicked, I guess.


Laurie said...

Ha! Those talking appliances get me every time, too. Hope you feel better soon, Gramma. Nothing worse than being sick when you are the one in charge.

Pat said...

Hey! Did not know you were blogging! It is very wierd being in someone else's home . That dishwasher has scared me before!

Hang in there - see you Sunday!