Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Larsen/Maddex playdate

From Tiff

I got the privilege of watching the Maddhouse minions today while Gramma DiPiero did the airport switch. I got to have all three of  my surrogate boys here and I got millions of hugs and squeezes from Chase. I got a couple of hugs and squeezes from Gavin (he wanted his Mama really badly) and I got to make a cake with Ian for their dessert tonight. Weston and Guy decided to act out some weird play on the stairs that included underwear helmets and paintbrushes. Chase decided to take a stroll next door to his house but was quickly recovered back to the Little Larsen's. Ian was all about choosing his cake flavor tonight for dinner. Butter pecan was his choice.

All in all we had a  fantastic day with a very very full house.

**I would also like to note that the genius that I am with the baby fuzzed brain that I have I totally posted this on the wrong blog at first. Ooops :)

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