Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grama Here!

Thought I'd update you on some of the happenings here at the Madd House!  Not cousins Erin & Shannon who are here for a very short time but me, Carolyn DiPiero, Bryan's Mom-better known as Grama.  I'm here for the duration of this journey-spending 6 weeks with my grandkids, Ian, Chase & Gavin till Bryan & Laurie get home with Danil (Zeke). 
What a whirley-dervy of activity!  These 3 boys are in high gear for most of the day!  Working on Gavin's potty-training, keeping glasses on Chasey and trying to keep up with Ian's activities is definitely a full-time job.  In my 'down' time I'm trying to crochet a blanket for Zeke, just like all of my other 8 grandkids received from me at their birth.
Two days ago we had gale force winds & rain that took us be surprise, Tiffany had even checked the weather before she went grocery shopping and this was not even predicted!  We looked outside and saw the trees waving madly, so Erin & I were trying to get the tent like structure down when the wind caught it and it took off with Erin & I hanging on!  We managed to keep it from flying away, so I practically laid on one leg while Erin & Shannon went to get help from Brandon next door.  When he got there he ripped the tarp off and said it was acting like a sail.  While Erin & I were waiting on him we watched a life jacket from the pool next door fly up past the electrical wires and disappear!  The next day Brandon, Tiffany & I determined that the metal frame which was ripped, torn apart and bent was un-fixable :(  So if anybody knows where I can get another First-Up Outdoor Shelter frame-please let me know.  Also the trampoline between our two houses moved over it's total width!  Will have to do a lot of sewing up the netting.  Other than that-we are all safe and sound.  Never a dull moment!!  Will try to update you occasionally on the happenings at the Madd House but probably will be weekly instead of daily, or as often as I can.  BTW be sure to follow Bryan & Laurie's adventure on because Laurie is writing daily on their journey to bring Zeke home.  Thanks for your continued prayers & support!

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Laurie said...

What an incredible sacrifice you are making to come and help us out. Six weeks is a LONG time, and it is going to be an adjustment for everyone.

Make sure to have your coffee every morning so you can keep up with everyone!! :)