Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Miracles

We have a visitor on our porch.  A robin decided to build her nest in the upper corner above our rocking chairs a few weeks ago.

Every time we would open the door, she would fly away, and then stalk around on the ground close by, or watch us from a nearby tree until we vacated the premises.

Then, early this week, she stopped leaving when we disturbed her, choosing instead to ruffle her feathers and stare down at us from atop her nest.  Tiffany and I figured that she had finally lain her eggs.

But come to find out, she had laid them much earlier (14 to 16 days ago- I looked it up!) and they were hatched!  Ian and I have seen 2 baby robin heads peeping out, opening their little beaks wide in anticipation of the meal that their mama will be bringing back.

I must say, although the miracle of life is amazing, those little baldy-head birds definitely aren't the cutest offspring ever.

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Mandi said...

i'm sure cleaning the porch of robin poo will be a joy also. :) Fun to watch, though, i'm sure! There's an osprey nest on an overhead sign on the buckman bridge of I-295 here in Jax. I guess they figured its a pretty safe place, 'cept with all the cars and trucks going 75mph...