Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had an awesome Easter...

We began with the official egg hunt this morning (after the Easter Bunny dyed eggs last night at 9pm because Ian reminded me that we had forgotten to dye them on Saturday!  Doh!).

Chase was not so interested, except to throw a couple of them on the floor.  He would rather watch Yo Gabba Gabba with only one eye open and eat a banana.

Gavin slept in and missed the fun.

Celebrated at church with an amazing service at the Time Warner Arena with 11,000 people attending:

We have been blessed to be a part of this church and the good, good things that it is doing for the city of Charlotte.  It is something that we would have never believed that would become such an integral part of our lives, but today we celebrated whole heartedly the Risen Lord and the miraculous way He reaches out to those who need Him.  Yay!  *end crazy Christian rave*  :)

We did brunch at this really really cool French bakery, Amelie's, in NoDa with the Gallers.  I ate many many pastries, as did everyone else.  Yum.

When we got home, Ian tried out the new helmet and bell that the Easter Bunny brought him this morning. Doesn't he look gigantic on that teeny bike?  Methinks there will be a new bicycle coming next Christmas before his knees start hitting the handlebars when he rides...

 Chase and Gavin were exhausted, so they took a nap...and SO DID I!  Heaven.  Bryan took Ian out to do guy errands (Lowes) and do bee stuff in the backyard:
I got up before Chase and Gavin and had some time in the kitchen to myself and whipped up some roasted sweet potatoes and bakers with caramelized onions, roasted asparagus, and balsamic marinated baby bella mushrooms.  I love cooking.  Wish I had more time to do it...

After dinner we had some daylight left, so we tried to get a picture of the boys in their Sunday finery.  I love those kids.  Seriously.  Love 'em.  

Notice Ian is still smiling in this one...and Gavin learns a new trick.
Look alive, Chasey!
Chase is done with this picture thing and is asking to go on the swings now.  You know, the ones right there.

Hope you all had a very happy Easter!


My name is Sarah said...

Sweet pictures. Wow the bees!!!

Shannon said...

looks like you had a FANTASTIC DAY! im glad you took pictures. my goodness my cousins lokk incredibly bigger since that last time ive seen them! now that i realize it i havent even met gavin yet :/ ohh well hopefully i will soon(:

Mandi said...

So cute! Happy Easter!

LeShayne said...

Cute, cute and more cute.

And I like the crazy Christian rave - especially the integral part of your life part. We really need to get up there so that we can see this awesome church of yours!