Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Face time for Guy

Poor Gavin has been missing from the last few posts.  Here are some random photos because he deserves face time, too.
 Mom, I friggin' HATE this hat.
 Gavin learned the Tupperware cabinet game.
 Yes, I still have to clip his hair back for meal times...
This face makes me laugh!  I need to make it my new Facebook profile pic.


LeShayne said...

That last picture has this ridiculously cute mad scientist thing going! Love it!

Chris said...

He is simply adorable!

That photo of with his hair pulled back made me smile--might you be secretly harboring a desire for a little girl :)

carydip said...

PLEASE give him a little boy haircut!! It can be a LONG little boy's haircut-but come on!! :)Grama