Saturday, April 17, 2010

In and Out (or the sick week from Hell)

I am writing to you from prison the sick ward.  It is now nearing a week that we have been battling yet another stomach virus.  I don't know if we have weak constitutions, or if we are just amazingly good at picking up the most virile bugs.  Ready yourselves, because this is long and probably a little gross, but I feel like it needs to be recorded (for therapeutic reasons, because I am ready to go insane).

Chase started in last Sunday, becoming just 'eh' and weirding us out a little with his quiet ways.  Then it hit full force, and I changed (not exaggerating here) close to 80 diapers of his in 2 1/2 days.  I think the combination of his already weak intestinal make-up plus the Germs from Hell compounded things a little.  And to add insult to injury, you know how he gets a terrible diaper rash on a normal basis?  Yeah.  To the hundredth power.  The bright spot is, though, that I found something that works- Calmoseptine.  It is over the counter, but probably only found at specialty pharmacies.

Oh, and I forgot, he refuses to take any Immodium or even his daily Levoxyl (hypo-thyroid drug) he is even more off his game.

Then, before Chase even started to exit the Doo-Doo Train, Gavin got on.  His, thankfully, was not as bad.  He is better now.  He has a most excellent immune system, that one.

But wait!  Then I started feeling iffy.  But you know, I'm the strong momma, so I can deal.  I made it through all of Thursday alright, and even got everyone ready to go to church for a mid-week special engagement.  We got to church, and I kept feeling more and more ill.  My whole body ached.  I had zero energy.  Queasy.  So, we packed everyone up and went back home, me not wanting to tempt fate and not only get my friends sick, but also run the risk of vomiting during the sermon  (Sorry- this is Real Life.).

*Side note- Bryan was hungry on the way home, so we stopped at Sonic.  Here is the definition of Love:  I sipped my coke while smelling Bryan's Frito Chili Cheese Wrap all the way back- barf.*

I spent the rest of the evening in the fetal position.  Props to Bryan who took care of me, and to Tiffany who brought me a magic anti-nausea pill :)

The next morning, I felt GREAT!  A new woman, I tell you!  I didn't have any daycare kids, so I was free to run errands in the morning.  We made two stops, were out about an hour, and when we got home, Ian crawled out of the back of the van and thew up in a cup in front of the house.  (Thank you, thank you GOD for giving him the strength to hold that in until he got out of the car!)

Round 4!

Ian was up and down all Friday, feeling great, then feeling terrible.  We ran another errand (what is wrong with me?!) and he threw up again on the way home.  But because I am a genius, I made him keep a bucket in the back seat with him, so no mess again.  What a little trooper.  By bedtime, he was ok, but uncomfortable.

He woke up at about midnight, restless, so I offered to let him sleep with me (Bryan was on the couch because he thought he may be coming down with it, too).  And after he got all comfortable, and we laid there for a few minutes, he says (a little panicked):

Mom?  I think I just pooped in my underwear.


Potty, shower, rinse, repeat.  Several times.  Forget sleep.

Now it is Saturday noonish.  And Bryan has spent.the morning upstairs, because *guess what?!?*  he is sick now, too.  And Ian is still not feeling well.  There was another underwear incident.  In my LazyBoy.  I am still a little unsettled about that.

If you are still with me, you not only have a stomach of steel, but also the patience of Job.  So you get my insight:

This week SUCKED.  To quote one of my most favorite musicals, it, "SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKA SUCKED!"  But.  No one ended up in the ER.  We walked a fine line with dehydration with Chase, but thankfully we never give him juice, so he thought the Pedialite was candy.  We were all there for each other as we were taken down, one by one.

And hopefully tomorrow (after missing Ian's first soccer game today), everyone will be well enough to enjoy this gorgeous weather, and I will be able to take a nap.


LeShayne said...

You poor poor thing. Stomach bugs do in fact suck. I am glad to hear that it seems to be over. Enjoy your nice weather and healthy kids! Sending positive immune system thoughts and prayers your way!

Carydip said...

Holy Gamoly-Motherhood, don't ya just love it? I remember those kinds of weeks and it's no fun and extremely exhausting. Hope all of you are over the Monster Mash and you get some much needed sleep. Thank God you found something that works on poor Chasey's bottom.
Love to All!! ~Mom

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog so I am a little behind on things.. I can't believe how many stomach bugs you and your family get a year.. I can't handle getting on every few years. And you poor guys get one every few months..It has got to be hard on all of you.. Could it be from the daycare kids? Or do you all have bad stomachs? I hope things get better for all of you..