Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Chase!!

I keep telling Chase that it's his birthday, and that he is THREE (holding 3 fingers up).  Poor guy, doesn't quite have the fine motor control to put up 3 fingers, so he just waves his whole hand at me instead :)

Chasey,  you are SUCH the big boy now.  You have your own opinions on things (what to eat, what to wear, which shoes go on and which to throw...).  You make a great big brother (the best game is "Guy-Guy", in which you bring all of the toys or books or tupperware and pile it in Gavin's lap, and every time you bring a new load, you drop it in front of him and say "Guy Guy!").  You are a great little brother, mastering the art of driving Ian crazy by wanting to do everything that he does.

You assert yourself, saying "Mine!" when someone tries to take your stuff.  You are as independent as I let you be, trying to brush your own teeth, put on your own clothes, walk out the front door by yourself and wander around the culdesac...(he's FAST!).

You know a BUNCH of words.  You say them in context on your own.  We've started hearing you phrase two words together.  The language explosion...I think we are almost there.  Sometimes I even catch you singing along to the CDs in the car :)

You love school, you love your family, you love your friends.  You love your frog, sheepie (Peepish), and a little green bunny (Munny) at bedtime.  You love baths and showers, your water table outside and using a cup to dump the water out of the kiddie pool onto other people.  You love Yo Gabba Gabba (you sometimes ask to watch this by saying, "Gaaaabba...?" but other times you say, "Gabbagabbagabbagabbagabbagabbagabbagabbagabbaaaaaa?"), Blues Clues, and Jack's Big Music Show. You swing on the big swing outside and like to help me pull weeds in the garden (and you also enjoy pulling out the actual plants, too, which I don't enjoy so much).

I am so looking forward to this next year with you, which I'm sure will be full of more growth...maybe you will ride a tricycle, perhaps you will sit on the potty (pleeeeeeeeeease?!), and I KNOW you will love school and make a hundred new friends.

Love you so much, Chase.  Happy 3rd :)
(Chase is sitting on the new trike from Gaga and Papa...who doesn't love a hotwheels tricycle that makes SOUNDS?!?!  Thank you!!!!)


LeShayne said...

It is hard to believe he is 3 already - that time went by really fast even from far away. Hope his birthday was fabulous, hope the next year is even better, and the Hot Wheels totally rocks. Boy toys are so cool.

The Schou Family Blog said...

Wow...3 already. Happy Birthday Chase!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Chase!! You are doing so many amazing things!

And Happy Birthday Laurie because you know because we moms (and dads) should be honored on our kids birthdays too! You are a great mom and wow what look all that you have accomplished, learned, survived, cherished in the 3 years Chase has been part of your lives.