Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party like you are 3- Part One

We did Chase's real birthday at home with just us...presents and ice cream cake, the way birthdays should be.

Here, he gives the Bilibo a try, with questionable results.
 Ian has better luck with it, but I am hoping that the more Chase watches Ian, the more adventurous he will be.
 I love that he prefers the packing paper instead of the gift.  *sigh*  
 The broom, however, THAT he knows how to handle!
Chase got such a kick out of blowing his own candles out this year.  We must have relit that candle 30 times.  It's the first time we've been unable to re-use a birthday candle, it burned down so far!  I have a video I should really upload that shows him blowing it out, then saying, "Again?"  Cute.

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Cate said...

We bought some of those re-lighting candles for William's birthday. Chase needs those! (they made William cry. Kids are weird.)