Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's

I rocked April Fool's Day today.  Rocked it.

When Ian came downstairs in the morning, I handed him his juice (in a cup with a straw) but HA!  I had filled it with lemon jello the night before :)  He thought it was pretty funny.  After he figured out that it wasn't the straw that wasn't working...

Then I poured him his cereal.  I had put a couple drops of blue food coloring in the bottom of the bowl, then poured cereal on top of it, so when I poured the milk on it in front of him, it magically turned blue!

Ian was so into April Fool's day.  He soon figured out that he could pretend just about anything and make it funny by shouting, "April Fools!"

Ian!  Get dressed!  You are going to be late to school!

No, Mom!  I'm not ever going to do that!!  ...APRIL FOOLS!!!


He kept asking me if I had any more pranks to pull.  I (of course) kept telling him that I was all done for the day.  He and Chase went to school, and I proceeded to make a bunch of teeny tiny peas, carrots, corns, and potatoes out of Starbursts and Airheads.  I mixed those with vanilla pudding, baked a pie crust to fit the pan, and laid it on top.

Then I had to wait for like 6 hours before I could serve my Chicken Not Pie for dinner.  And I couldn't even Facebook about it, because I didn't want Bryan to find out.  Torture.

Finally, dinner came around, and I had to make a big show of taking my pie out of the oven, pretending that it was hot, and dishing it up.  I may have cracked a smile during this, and perhaps stifled a giggle, because Bryan became suspicious.

It took Ian a few bites to realize there was something amiss.  He ate some crust first, and exclaimed, "Mom.  This is the BEST dinner!"  Then he took a bite of filling, chewed for a bit, and asked (with a giant grin on his face) if I put jelly beans in the pot pie.  Bryan and I played it off, like ours was perfectly normal, and he took another bite.  He began raving again at how good it was (Well, yeah, I just served you candy and pudding for dinner- of course it is good!), and then it clicked that it really wasn't dinner at all- and he was pranked again :)  Oh, and he also thought the whipped cream instead of milk was awesome.

Chase just about cleaned his plate.  Except he left his "veggies"- I think they were too chewy.  Funny- he will eat real green beans and corn like they are going out of style, but he spits out Starbursts.  I don't think I will ever figure out that boy of mine.

We had dessert next- wild rice and red beans :)


Jennie said...

Gavin might have the wildest hair I've ever seen! :-)

LeShayne said...

That Chicken Not Pie is awesome, looks very very real!

Mandi said...


Nikki said...

You embrace holidays with kids like no one else! Your kids are so lucky to have you!

Chris said...

Wow! You totally rocked it! Hope your boys appreciate what a cool mom they have!