Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday School Update

Chase went to school again :)

He got up super early in the morning, though, and had OT before going to school. I warned the teachers that he may (will) be especially tired today. I left him with his green frog just in case (but no pacifier! I'm trying to get rid of that thing in a slow but semi-effective way).

When I picked him up, he was all happy, paging through books and crawling around. Apparently he had folded himself in half on top of green frog in the middle of the room for a 15 minute power nap and was all recharged by the time I got there.

Which is great...I'm glad he did that instead of cranking out and being a whiny mess, but it did not help me at all when I took him home, fed him lunch, and attempted to lay him down for a real nap.

We still have a few bugs to work out, but this school thing will work out eventually :)


carydip said...

No separation anxiety? No crying hysterically when you leave him? What a well adjusted almost 2 year old!! I'm so glad he's enjoying school, that's the most important part-if he really WANTS to be there and likes it-then it's for the best. And the independence he showed by just curling up on his frog when he was tired-Unbelievable! So play awhile after lunch-then try the nap. I KNOW you'll work it out! Love~Mom

Angelle said...

No doubt there will be a few kinks. Chase sounds like he worked it out for himself. Nice that he can nap like that anywhere.

Cate said...

Ugh, I hate power naps. I can't tell you how many times I've driven home, paying about half my attention to driving because I'm trying so hard to make sure no one falls asleep. I need that real naptime.

Of course, I do like taking power naps myself. Any naps really.

Chris said...

I'm thinking I need to get my little guy in school!

So what type of stuff does he do when he is there?

I didn't start preschool with my girls until they were just about three so I'm so interested in knowing how the two year olds do. Do they play together or just kind of do their own thing (parallel play)?

Laurie said...

1st- Mom D...I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't in his best interest.

2nd- his little classroom I've watched them all play at the sand table together, he brought home a little crayon colored snowman, and while I was there, I watched him as he played "catch" with a teacher and another little boy. Chase is also big into following, so where ever he sees the others go and do, he will be in hot pursuit. They also do a bunch of songs and fingerplays and have snack while sitting at a little table. I think a lot is parallel play, but I love that he has 5 other little kids to mimic.

LeShayne said...

It sounds like the class size is small - thats awesome. I know that Chase has is extra hurdles to jump but in hindsight I think I would have put Tristan in earlier just because hes a boy. Tori never went to a day of preschool (before vpk, we were poor, etc) and she has excelled since the day she walked into kindergarten. And Tristan does well but he did not learn in leaps and bounds until he was in the school setting feeding off those other kids. And every mother I know with boys has said the same "I can't believe how much school accelerated..." whatever it is they struggled with.

I know you know but sometimes we should be reminded - when I hear you right about your struggles with your boys and your solutions and your working through it I always think - shes such a great mom! Glad this choice is working out so well already.

Shot Gun said...

Wow, Chase seems to be doing awesome at school! It's a bummer about the nap thing, but it will all work itself out eventually. We always have some kids in our preschool at Tarpon who fall asleep like that in the first few weeks, but eventually they get on a new schedule and all is good again.