Monday, January 26, 2009

6 Kids

So, with Tiffany having her baby yesterday, I am in charge of her 3 daycare kids for the next two weeks. So, if you aren't keeping track, that's 6 mos, 16 mos, 21mos, 2 years, 3 years, and almost 4. I'm wrapping up the first day, and despite it being a bit busier here than usual, it's not been too bad.

I know for sure I will appreciate my quiet time with my 3 dudes after this is all over, though!

Some points for today:
*By the time I've fed all the kids their morning snacks, cleaned up, and done a round of diaper changes, it is time to start getting lunch ready.

*With more kids running around, things like Ian bumping into another kid's head and getting a bloody nose are bound to happen.

*Do you think they plan it when everyone has a poopy diaper at the same time?

*A crazy morning is not too bad when all of them sleep at the same time (except my napless wonder, Ian, who will play by himself if I beg him).

*I haven't really done any housecleaning, but I did manage to run a load of dishes and do an art project with the kids, so I feel like I've accomplished a little bit of something.

*If it wasn't for the problem of being permanently stranded at home, I wouldn't mind watching more kids at my house (especially ones like these, who are really very excellent, non-whiny, pretty independent children).


Angelle said...

It sounds like it went pretty smoothly. I have ballet tomorrow morning, but the rest of the week I am pretty free to come play/give you some brief adult sanity.

mom said...

Gaga is on the way! Get that coffee ready!