Tuesday, January 6, 2009

#3 Update

I went to the OB today, just for a checkup. I'm very very anxious about this baby. I have thoughts of miscarriage and whatnot and weirdness. I have trouble imagining getting through this whole pregnancy. I guess the ignorance is bliss theory really is true.

So it's extra special and extra worth celebrating when the doctor found a strong heartbeat today (really quickly!) at 152, and we also heard a big ol' kick with the doppler.

*Whew* Now I can rest easy for about 2 days and then be all filled with anxiety for another 3 1/2 weeks until the next appointment (which is the Big Sono).

In other news, I gained NINE POUNDS over the last four weeks. Holy ****! I tried to convince the nurse that I was wearing extra heavy jeans, and that I had accidentally left a 5 pound weight in my pocket. She didn't buy any of my BS.

I'm going to attribute it to holiday eating and not ever exercising. I think that's a pretty solid reason. I'm usually not crazy about watching my weight during pregnancy (can I get a witness on the 70+ pounds I gained with each boy?? Yes, that is 70lbs PER CHILD) and I know that I'm growing a baby and whatnot, but I'd rather not be excessive with this one again. From experience, I now know that having a 25 lb infant and 50 lbs of placenta and amniotic fluid doesn't happen...

So. Back to the treadmill it is.


Melanie said...

wow! 70? that is impressive...I thought my 50 with each was impressive. You have me beat!

Chris said...

I think once you have a pregnancy not turn out the way you expected it would, it is only natural to feel a little nervous about subsequent pregnancies. Try to relax and just enjoy this special time. Glad to hear that #3 is perfectly content where she is!

Jen said...

For what it's worth, with my third pregnancy I was a total nervous wreck right up until they handed him over to me after he was born. I had thoughts of miscarriage and birth defects and mostly of extreme prematurity. I just knew something terrible was going to happen.

But it didn't. Cal actually went closer to term than either of his brothers. It was an uncomplicated birth (um, did I actually say that?) and he was extraordinarily healthy. So. All that worry for nothing. It's hard, though, not to catastrophize after having one child with unexpected health issues and an extra chromosome.

carydip said...

Laurie, I feel your fear and know it's hard not to worry. You know my story and if not I'll tell you some time. But after that horrific loss, Bryan & Todd turned out wonderful (as you well know!) Lean on your faith and family and know that no matter what, you're not alone and everything will be good. Love~Mom

Jennie said...

Laurie - I confess I'm terribly behind on reading blogs. Congrats on #3! And yay for you getting Chase into pre-school. It will probably be harder on you than him. He won't care that he's not talking, running, etc., like the other kids. But who knows... maybe being around more other kids would spur him on. Well, what do I know... I'm almost a year behind you on the Down syndrome development journey (though I'm a few months ahead of you on the baby#3 journey... crazy!).
No worries about weight. I gained a bunch at the beginning. Strangely, I haven't gained anything for the past 4 weeks, even over Christmas. Weird, huh?

Do you know gender yet? Good luck toughing it out for the weeks between appts. These are some of the hardest weeks, I think, especially as we sometimes can't help but think of the possible negative outcomes when we've been through the ringer already.