Friday, January 30, 2009

Chasey...New and Improved!

Chase has been getting things on lately! He is working on:

1. Making more sounds. It feels like he is learning that there is a connection between auditory noises and meaning. He still relies mostly on signs, but it seems like there is more babbling, and sometimes he'll hand me stuff and say the same one syllable sound over and over. For example, he handed me a sock and said, "Gah!" several times, rather forcefully. Of course, that's also the sound I make when things are not going the way I want them to. Gah!

2. Independent steps! We've had 3 or 4 sightings of 2+ steps on his own! Someone has to be his cheerleader, but I think (maybe?) we'll see actual walking by his 2nd birthday. At least that is my goal.

I struggle with this a lot. When am I imposing my goals/time frames on him, and when am I motivating him towards high expectations? Fine line, I guess.

3. Scooping with a spoon. He's pretty good with hand over hand use of a fork, but before, every time I let him have a utensil independently, it was launched across the table, at the cat, etc. Chase LOVES to clear a table. Not to mention the food that is in front of him that he doesn't really feel like eating, or the food that he does feel like eating, but also enjoys throwing. It's all very frustrating.

But yesterday he showed interest in actually using the spoon to dip into the bowl of yogurt that I had. So he dipped and scooped and put it in his mouth! I held the bowl (I'm not that trusting of his new ways yet) and he happily ate 2 servings of it by himself! Sometimes I helped direct the spoon, but for the most part Chasey-did-it! Woot!

4. Napping once a day. I think with the introduction of the morning preschool, he's finally finding a rhythm in once-a-day-napping. Which is perfect timing, since all of Tiff's kids go down at 11 for nap, and the only one left standing is Ian. It also makes it easier to do more things on the weekend, and we don't have to worry about him sleeping in the shopping cart when we're out anymore.


Angelle said...

Congrats Chasey! Can't wait to see these new things.

Melanie said...

Logan has just started chucking food! It drives me crazy! He can really wip it far. I am sick of cleaning the floor.
Congrats on the first steps! How exciting!