Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Conversations with Ian

We've been having some really excellent conversations with Ian lately. And sometimes he just has conversations with himself.

Bryan makes fun of me and Ian comes to my rescue...

Daddy (to me): You're wimpy.
Mommy: I'm a girl!
Daddy: You're a wimpy girl!
Daddy: Ian, ask Mommy if she is a wimpy girl.
Ian: Mommy, you're not a wimpy girl.
Daddy: Ian, what does wimpy mean?
Ian: I don't know.
Daddy: If you don't know what wimpy means, how do you know Mommy is not wimp?
Ian: Because I'm so smart!

In the car, Ian drops his hat on the floor, then has this conversation with himself...

Ian: Oohhh, my hat! Will you give me something really long to get it
with? Like a net? Or a fisherman? Or a real live alligator? So
then he could be down there and get it with his big mouth and then
throw it up to me?

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Angelle said...

Ian says some pretty ridiculous stuff. :)