Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day, Part Deux

We played outside, we drank hot chocolate...(pics still to come- my cord to the camera is, um, somewhere...) and then Bryan did the responsible managerial-type thing and braved the slushy roads to Charlotte. (That's supposed to be funny. I lived in upstate NY. I know what real snow looks like!)

And then something incredible happened.

The boys played together. Without any injuries. And they were happy. And occupied. For a long time.

So I cleaned. I cleaned and organized and finished some projects and basically went a little haywire. This is what happened:

I've been wanting to tackle the playroom for a while, but wanted to move "big boy toys" up to Ian's room (tired of worrying about marbles being swallowed, and William will be mobile soon even if Chase learns not to put them in his mouth someday), also poor Ian keeps trying to build Hot Wheels tracks and train tracks, and Chase's favorite thing to do is follow him around and destroy whatever he is building. So, I couldn't move any of his toys to his room until I cleaned out his closet which is full of boxes of clothes, so I wanted to move those to Chase's closet for him to grow into, but his closet was full of clothes that he has outgrown, so I needed to move those boxes to the new baby's room closet, but that was full of gift wrapping stuff and other miscellaneous crap, so I had to reorganize everything in there and put away the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations that were still stacked up against the wall in that room so that I could move other things in and out. So then I put all the Christmas boxes in the attic and cleaned and reorganized everyone's closets, moved Ian's tent and the cardboard house downstairs, moved some shelves and the big boy books and the beanbag upstairs outside Ian's room to make a reading corner, and then I cleaned up all the shelves in the playroom and put everything where it belongs. And maybe I'll finally get the whole alphabet on the wall and maybe even put my calendar pieces on the blank calendar that's been there for over a year...

*sigh* I'm a little bit tired, but I feel like I've finally accomplished something instead of just keeping my head above water in the great sea of housework.

And you know, once you clean one thing, everything else in the house that you haven't looks extra crappy. It's like if you get new carpet in one room or paint one wall, it amplifies everything else that isn't newly redone. It's like a mess highlighter. So I guess I will continue this maniacal OCD purging/reorganizing campaign this week.


Mandi said...

WOW!! That's awesome that you went from one room to the next, and was STILL able to get everything acomplished. I'm impressed. I normally start with one project, realize i need to clean out a closet to finish said project, get to cleaning out the closet, find a box of pictures or yearbooks or something and just end up reminicing for 3 hours and wonder where all the time went, with original project still not completed. *sigh*

LeShayne said...

Wow this is early for nesting!

Just kidding, congrats on all the accomplishments. That is such a good feeling. I am trying to do one tiny cupboard/closet/dresser at a time but I never seem caught up before the first is messy again!

Jen said...

You are living my life. Except my oldest two share a room (and hence a closet) and my youngest is stuck in a corner of our bedroom because I'm too paranoid and also lazy to put a kid in our third bedroom which is on the first floor.

I can't believe you got all of that done with the kids around. You are clearly Superwoman.