Monday, September 20, 2010

Totally Refreshed

Bryan and I headed to Daytona for a quick weekend getaway, and to watch some good friends get married (grats, Pete and Lauren!!).  Gaga and Papa graciously watched the boys for us, and only looked a little haggard when we arrived home last night (they were mumbling something about coffee and bed, possibly something about diapers and was hard to decipher).

We spent time sleeping in (until EIGHT THIRTY, BABY!), reading on the beach, body surfing some awesome waves, and eating meals without wiping anyone's faces.  We also watched with amused interest as other people chased after their own children, and I sat on the beach in my chair only watching Bryan's head bob amongst the waves every once in a while, wondering briefly if he was going to be able to make it back to shore or not.  This must be how the other half lives.

But I did miss my little booger faces.  Those little ankle biters have a way of worming themselves into your heart.  A couple times my mom tried to guilt me into coming back early gave my worried-mommy mind a rest by putting them on the phone.  Ian told us about how he played his football game, but he didn't really want to talk to us because he was "busy eating pretzels and watching Magic Schoolbus."  And I got the sweetest "Ma-ma...?" and "Buh-bye" from Gavin and Chase, respectively.  It was so good to get home to them and kiss each of their sleeping heads before collapsing in bed with the unadulterated joy that only a 9 hour car ride will give you.

I am totally not ashamed to need a break every 18 months or so from the kids.  I LOVE that my parents are willing and able to stick it out for a couple days at our house to juggle them for us.  It was so nice to let down our guard and take time to enjoy each other for a bit and remember why we built this family, but it was also such a welcome feeling to be back home and back to real life.

And the sleeping in was nice, too.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  You are the BEST!

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..And thank you for that jug of wine I found in the frige....!