Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm not Lyon!

Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill and my cousins Frank and Grant came to visit last week on their way down to the beach.

It was a quick visit, but enough time for a big kid trip to the gold mine (they all found gold!  No pics, tho..), a visit to Deb and Tom's cabin for the littles (no pics again) and a picnic dinner at our house (no pics), some MarioKart Wii (guess what?  No pics) and some fun on the trampoline...Yes!  Pics!!  Well, of Ian and Frank...Grant ran away before I could catch him on film.

Trampoline photos are fun, aren't they?!

This was a momentous visit, because Ian was big enough to play with the boys without being annoying.  I think the last time they saw each other, Ian was maybe 3 and just followed them around everywhere until they couldn't stand it anymore :)

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