Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunch Box Update

I unloaded Ian's lunch box yesterday to find his star shaped cheese left, greasy and neglected, inside!  I asked him why he didn't eat it, and he replied, "Well, I bit into one little corner and I was like, Ew!  Yuck!  That is NOT GOOD!  And so I left it in there.  I really only like string cheese, Mom."

Awesome.  Cheese painstakingly cut out into cute little shapes:  FAIL.

Also, he begged me to let him buy lunch today.  I told him he could pick one day each week to buy.  He was beside himself with anticipation this morning over the thought, going so far as to holler it to the world outside at 6:45am this morning while doing a little jig in his high tops.

I guess healthy, adorable lunches made with love are no match for cheese pizza and tater tots on a foam tray at school.  Bah.

*This does not, however, mean that I am giving up the battle.  Oh no.  Because I am ordering one of these, and I need to use it.


LeShayne said...

A) I feel your pain. My kids, especially Tristan want to buy despite the great and healthy things I get for their lunches.

B) Those egg things are awesome! Love it!

C) The sandwich shape maker - it helps. Apparently a sandwich with a star or heart pressed into it is way cooler than a regular sandwich no matter what I put in it.

Michelle Z said...

Shut the front door!

I NEED those egg molds! Okay, Need might be a bit strong, but still. SO COOL!

I always thought they cut the eggs, not molded. LOVE it!

Mandi said...

WHAT? Leave it up to the chinese to come up with some awesome stuff like that. Very cool!!

Angelle said...

I maybe purchasing those molds too. My girls LOVE boiled eggs and would LOVE them even more shaped in fun shapes. And I also had to limit buying lunch to once a week. :)

Ann said...

I jumped over from Sarah's blog and then innocently clicked on your link. Hours later, I officially have a new obsession. "another lunch" is amazing! I was freaking out about my oldest starting kindergarten because he's such a picky eater. Now I'm so excited to pack his lunch. It's a private kindergarten so there won't be any pizza and tots to tempt him. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the link. My wallet doesn't thank you though.