Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ianisms- the Kindergarten edition, with Bonus Art Work

Ian is such a cool kid.  Here are some random things he's said in the last couple days:
  • He told his teacher the story about how his second Blue Dog got "swallowed up in the black hole."
  • Said with a smirk: "That's Regan.  She has a crush on Logan.  She always says that he is soooo hot!" (giggles!)
  • "When I get my real wand for Christmas, I am going to make a robot, and you can use it to get Guy Guy's monkey off the floor of the van while you are driving."   To which I reply, "Oh, cool!  A monkey-picker-upper-robot!" and he says, rolling his eyes, "No, Mom.  It won't just be for picking up monkeys.  Real robots do more than that."
  • "OR I could just use my real wand to turn the robot that I already have into a real robot...only I will make sure to set it to GOOD before I make him real."
  • He decided he no longer wants a Mustang when he starts to drive, but instead he would like a "cool Scooby Doo monster truck like the Mystery Machine."
  • "No, I don't have to go potty.  Sometimes it just gets sticky right there and I need to move it around."
  • After he told me he wanted to be an artist when he grows up, I said that he would have to practice drawing or painting a LOT if he wanted to do it for his job.  He told me that he doesn't really have to practice any more because he is already "very very good."  Dang.  We went a little heavy on the self esteem, apparently.
*See example of professional quality artwork below.  Myself, I plan to frame it and put it on the living room wall, but I am also his mom...:)
This is a picture of Ian and his 2 Blue Dogs before one got swallowed by the black hole.  Notice the labels- he did those himself (even the mirror image one of DOG on the left side- without any hesitation!  It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen...).  He did this while we listened to the teachers' presentation at curriculum night this evening.  More on that later :)

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Mandi said...

LOL! It gets sticky down there... that's hilarious!!

How crazy is that mirror writing!? I wonder what his thought process was for that... and what is this 'black hole' of which he speaks?