Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ian and I were laying on his bed, heads close together, finished with his bedtime story, just chatting about his day.  Moments like this are rare...he has been so busy lately with friends (which is great, really, I love that he spends so much time with buddies) and I have been busy keeping daycare kids much later than I ever have before, that we just don't have alone time all that much.  

That, and at five years old, he is already almost too cool to have a conversation with me about how he spent his day.

Anyway.  He was chatting about computer class today, about how they play Word Blaster, but not Rockets, because Rockets is a grown up game.  Then we talked about how Miss Brown saw someone cutting their lawn before the sun was even up today ("And that's against the law, Mom!").  Also, a boy named John is going to go on a date with a girl named Piper.  

Then he told me about his friend, Seth, who sits with him at his table.  Tre apparently was moved, and now (Ian giggled as he told me this) it is two boys at his table, and one different girl every day!  The girl that sat with them today looked like Piper (...and Mom?  Isn't that a funny name for a girl?  Because it is like a plumber or something? But she is still cute, though.) but her name is Sophia.  And she kept taking things away from Ian- he said his pencil, the crayon, his paper...every time he finished a project, BAM!  There she was, he says.

I told him that maybe she liked him.  And his face got all scrunchy.  And then he told me that THAT was why he wasn't playing with any girls on the playground, not talking to them, not even saying hi, because he is afraid that if he starts being friends with them, then they won't leave him alone and he won't have time to play with his friends that are boys.

Gosh it starts early, huh?  Those girls just don't understand about space

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mom said...

HAHAHa! That sounds just like his Uncle Scott!