Friday, September 10, 2010

Team Shirts!!


If you LOVE our team shirts this year, but can't get yourself to Charlotte on October 9th for the actual walk, you can be a VIRTUAL WALKER!  Always Happy Life is making Chaser's Racers team shirts available on their website, and you can buy your very own, knowing that it will still raise funds for Chase's Buddy Walk team!

Some ideas for using the shirt:

Wear it to the grocery store!
Wear it to school!
Wear it to work on casual Fridays!
Use it as a cover up for the beach!
Use it as a hanky, or a large pocket square!
Cover your infant with it as a light-weight blanket!
Create an apron out of it!
Hang it outside your door on a flag pole!
*Stage your own Buddy Walk in your neighborhood!  Give a prize for the best team t-shirt design!

Remember, they come in both adult and youth sizes!

Always happy. Never satisfied.™
Also, if you want to be an actual REAL LIFE walker with us, and have just forgotten to join our team (we know you are busy!), then please click here to sign up.  Remember, your $10 donation gets you:
  •  2 shirts (DSAC and Chaser's Racer Team Shirt!) 
  • lunch
  • Rita's Italian ice
  • unlimited bouce house time
  • the opportunity to meet Charlotte's finest mascots
  • a possible Dora the Explorer sighting
  • face painting
  • arts and crafts
  • homemade goodies at our team tent
  • and a very real possibility of big hugs from Chase (or at least a high five)!!  

How can you say no to that?

Thanks for your support!!

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Cate said...

that is an amazing deal for $10. I am tempted to make the trip. (sadly, unrealistic. Please don't tell Abby, as she is obsessed with Dora.)