Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Guy Guy Haircut

I took Guy to the salon this is time to trim him up.  My hairdresser, Mandi, almost wouldn't do it.  But I convinced her to trim a leetle bit off his curls.

He sat up on the chair all by himself, and only messed with his little drapey thing initially.  Every once in a while he would turn around and look at Mandi and give her a big grin.  So cute.  He had everyone in that place taking peeks at him.

Here are the befores:

The during:

And the after (he wasn't much into mugging for the camera- too many cool things happening around him- like those awesome rollers that he held on to the entire time):

It has since really bounced back- all his on top curls came back and he looks like a little mop again, although less ragamuffiny.

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