Sunday, August 1, 2010


We've had Shannon and Erin (Bryan's cousins) here for the past 2 weeks, and they have been SUCH a big help around here.  I started back with my daycare kiddos, and with Ian and Chase not starting school until September, it has been a HOUSEFUL.

So, in an effort to show these California girls that North Carolina is about more than just watching babies and changing diapers, we took a quick day trip to Linville Falls today.  The day was overcast and cooler- perfect for a hike and a visit to the caverns.  The kids were mostly good; a little antsy about the 2 1/2 hr car ride, but happy to be out in the fresh air, to picnic by the water, to explore the awesome caves, and to eat at a roadside hole-in-the-wall BBQ place (yes, I ate a pulled pork sandwich!  Some things are harder to resist than others...)

And we are back, ready to start the week...refreshed and mostly happy to be out of the minivan :)


LeShayne said...

Fun! I bet those falls are even prettier without the freezing temps! Was is the same BBQ place? With the smoking gun out front?

Laurie said...

Bryan wanted to go back to Smokey-Que's so BADLY! We found it again, but it was closed...I think just because it was 6pm on a Sunday, but maybe for good?

Mandi said...

Cool!! I love that area - so pretty.

How was the BBQ? I always say - if it wasn't for bbq and bacon, i could be a vegetarian.

PS My WV is "raingome" heehee