Friday, July 30, 2010

Future Chase

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One of the most fantastic aspects of going to the conference was being absolutely surrounded by families like ours.  We absolutely have very supportive friends and family members who are loving and understanding toward Chase...but there is something about sharing a glance, a smile, a wave, or a handshake with another person who knows...without even going into details.  There is a kinship that doesn't even need to be nurtured.  We are longtime friends before words are even spoken.

As we played in the resort pool Friday morning, we met a few families and new friends with some interesting commonalities (and that doesn't even count the extra chromosome!).  Chase played with a little boy, Eli (Elijah), who was a little over a year older than he was, who had a little brother, Gavin, who was just a few days older than our Gavin!  (for those of you who have bad memories, Gavin's middle name is Elijah!)

But the most memorable meeting was that with a boy named Adam.  He and his dad were swimming there as we were getting Gavin in the water.  Gavin was crying- he is generally against life vests and was protesting his current situation.  Adam went right up to him and spoke quiet words to him and stroked his hair to calm him down.  He was so gentle and so sweet...and also silly and fearless, as evidenced when we followed him up and down the waterslide several (hundred) times.  But the thing I loved MOST about Adam?  It was that he looked exactly like 6 years.  The same coloring, the same was like looking into his future.

And that is why we refer to Adam as Future Chase now :)

But do you want to hear the best part?!  I didn't have my camera at the pool that day (shame on me!!) and we didn't see Adam again while we were there.  I was kicking myself, because I wanted to share this crazy experience with everyone at home, but had to do it in words, and that just doesn't do it justice.  THEN.  I happened to be on Facebook, as I am all the time a couple times a day, and I saw one of my FB friends post her photos of Disney.  You know who was on there, right?  Future Chase's face was plastered all over my feed!!!  Unbeknownst to me, Anjie had become my 'friend' through mutual Ds bloggers/facebookers...and I didn't even know that she had been raising Chase's future twin!

Social networking ROCKS!

I ok-ed it with her...and here it is:

The Chase/Adam Comparison!!

Tell me I'm not crazy.  They look alike, no?

(And props to LeShayne who took that awesome photo of Chase.  If you are ever in FL and want a great photographer, check her out at Barefoot Summer Photography!)


Tiffanyrose said...

He is so handsome! Chase is already a looker but man that kid will break some hearts as he gets older. Especially if he looks like Adam!

Angelle said...

That is uncanny! And very glad you were able to make those connections on your trip.

LeShayne said...

Super cute, super uncanny and thanks for the kind words and advertising!

Bethany said...

Wow, that's awesome! Glad you got to meet her! :)