Monday, July 5, 2010

Guy Steps

Gavin has started to walk!  I caught some photos of him taking his first steps- he was so proud of himself.

I was talking to Bryan, telling him that it was going to seem strange to have all 3 boys walking.  Chase didn't walk until he was 23 months old, and Gavin was born when he was 26 months.  So, really, it has been over 3 years that I have had someone almost constantly in my arms.  Crazy.  I have to admit, I have had day dreams involving me opening a car door,and the boys spilling out and walking into a store without a stroller in sight.

On a side note, the outfit that Guy is wearing is one of his new birthday presents.  He was wearing it again for our 4th of July party, but I had taken the shorts off of him when he was playing in the water outside.  Then, later on, Ian was getting dressed, and my parents were helping him find his clothes.  I noticed afterwards that Ian's shorts were tight- he was wearing Chase's size 2T jean shorts...then I wondered, as I found Ian's actual shorts and his underwear in a pile on the floor, what (if any) underwear he was wearing.  My parents told me that he was wearing the plaid boxer shorts that were by the jean shorts he had put on.  Are you following?  Ian was wearing Guy's shorts as underwear (18 mos) under Chase's shorts.  Could that have been comfortable??!


Angelle said...

Yay, little Guy! You are catching up to your brothers.

And it's funny that Ian didn't notice how tight his shorts were.

LeShayne said...

Yay for Gavin! And that is hilarious and sounds SO uncomfortable about Ian and the "underwear". Can't wait to see y'all.

Mandi said...

YAY GUY! He needs to thank Ian for breaking in his new shorts. LOL.

...and dang-a-lang, that hair... :)

carydip said...

Gavin's not a baby anymore :( He looks so cute in the outfit I sent him! Can't believe he's walking!! Ouch, Ian must have been walking a little funny himself-lol!! Miss you all so