Thursday, July 22, 2010

Juice Plus+

One of the workshops that I attended at the conference was on nutrition.  Much of it was reiterating what I have already been reading about and trying to put into practice at our house, and some of it pinpointed other aspects of health that I hadn't really given much thought.

I mean, obviously eating more veggies, fruits, and whole grains has GOT to be better than eating Twinkies, Hamburger Helper, and BBQ potato chips...but why?  And how much?  And what difference does it REALLY make?

Anyway.  She mentioned Juice Plus+ in her presentation as a way to bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we are eating (it wasn't a sales pitch...just a mention).  Not that we should continue to eat crap and cover for it by taking a supplement, but to use it in conjunction with a healthy diet.   We also have a few friends who use it religiously a swear by it.  So, with Chase's penchant for picky eating paired with his digestive issues, and my desire to keep my family healthy, this seems like something that we would like to try (oh, and Chase's doctor even gave his blessing).

You can check out the research here for yourself.  We are going to check this out and put in an order.  Anyone else want to try it with us?  Let me know.  There is a research program going on now where you can get up to 3 years of FREE product for your child, and another program where you can get 2 months of product for free by participating in a survey after 90 days.  It can't hurt, right?


Mandi said...

We first heard about this when we were dealing w/ my PCOS issues, then my pediatrician is a huge fan of it as well. Unfortunately its like $65/month and that's just not in our cards right now. :( Let me know how it goes! Everyone I know that uses it swears by it.

Bethany said...

Yay! You are going to LOVE it ... JP+ is our insurance policy! :)