Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I had to talk with Ian this past week about our good friends who will be moving away.  Ian has lived 2 doors away from his 'bestie' for 3 years (they are planning to get married someday and have a baby- Ollie if it is a boy, and he doesn't know what the girl name would be because Leah gets to pick out the name if it's a girl), and now Leah will be moving back to Florida.

She told him that she was leaving, and he ran to me with a scrunchie face and a quivering lip...he told me tearfully, "Mom...?  Leah's moving to Florida....and she's taking the Mustang with her!"

Then later..."I know it will be alright because I will get to see her when we visit, but I really really REALLY want to jump on her trampoline before they put it away!"

I'm not sure if he truly realizes the full effects of their move, but I am hoping that it will be any easy transition for him.  Thinking back to my kindergarten friends...well, I can't really remember them.  (Except for Scott Rosenberg, who I kissed goodbye on the bus every day when I got off at my stop.)  I know that he will make many, many new friends at his new school, grow and nurture his already strong friendships with our sister family next door, build many lasting friendships as he grows, and say many more goodbyes throughout his life.  But it is still sad to put an end to any chapter in life, even if there are new chapters ahead that I know will bring joy.

Such is life.

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