Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Words!!

More speech milestones for Chase today:  for a week or so, Chase has been stringing the words "Thank you" and soemone's name together.  You can actually hear it on the video that I just posted if you listen closely (it is right after he takes a cup away from Gavin...).  It is so cute, because it sounds like, "Tanks...(big pause)..Guy Guy."  And he does it for basically all the family members without prompting.  Love it.

But even more exciting is what he just did to me.  He came in from the back patio, and I thought he was mostly dry because he hadn't actually been sitting in the kiddie pool, so I didn't immediately strip his diaper off and put a dry one on like I usually do.  Well, apparently he cares about dry pants more than I do, because he walked right into the kitchen, tapped me on the leg, and said, "Wet....diaper."  Only it sounds like, "Wwwet....bie-perrrrrr"  (he goes heavy on his r's!).

I guess I don't have a leg to stand on next summer if I want to request ST over the summer because of possible regression...:)