Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Diaper Wars

Chase's newest trick (obsession) is taking off his own diaper.  He LOVES to be naked.  Which is cute...after a bath, on the back patio, or streaking around the house in the middle of getting dressed.  What is NOT cute, however, is when he wakes up from nap and quietly takes off his full diaper before I can get up there.

This is so complicated.  Because on one hand, he is at the point where he doesn't want to wear a diaper.  It is uncomfortable.  It is bulky.  It makes crinkly noises when he walks.  On the other hand, he is SO not ready to potty train.  He has yet to actually go on the potty...he will sit there for a bit, but actually letting loose is another story.

He has, however, on the few occasions that I put him in little tiny underwear, let loose on his little chair, on the kitchen floor, and all over my LazyBoy.

So what do I do?  I am thinking that I should just bite the bullet and do the whole make him drink a ton of water and have him sit on the potty a thousand times a day...but frankly, I am not ready to start that process, because I am afraid it will be a very very very long one.  And I just don't want to clean up that many accidents.  Not to mention, with daycare kids here, I am afraid that I don't have the time to devote to that method right now...

But am I short-changing him?  He obviously wants to be out of his diapers...maybe he just needs that little nudge to start using the potty?  Maybe I should wait until he starts school and they can reinforce it there?  Maybe I should give up on the little tiny underwear approach and try pull-ups (I hate those things)?

Until I make any or all of those decisions, I will be duct taping his diaper closed at nap time.

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Cate said...

no clue, but we are in the very same boat here.