Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Football Season

Not only is Bryan psyched about the upcoming NFL season, but so is Ian.  Because "Daddy can take me to the sports bar and we can watch it on TV."  Yes, we take our kids to a bar.  Frequently during the fall, in fact.

But ALSO Ian has started his first season of flag football!  Of course, no pictures, as I was keeping an eye on Chase and Gavin, who incidentally can now both wander in different directions.  I will try to get some at next week's practice.

They ran little tiny football drills, where children were most of the time beaned in the head, neck, or chest with the ball...The coaches taught them what the lines on the field meant, and how to hold their hands out so that the ball *may* actually end up in them.

Ian's thoughts when I asked him how he liked it:  "Yeah, I looooooove football.  Except the catching part."

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