Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diaper Wars, Part Deux

Here at the Mad House, we are learning new things every day.

Like how to get along with our friends without punching them (Ian), how to say 2 word sentences (Chase!), and how to take off a diaper at nap time and fling poo around the room (GAVIN!  GAH!!).

It took me a couple minutes longer than normal to get upstairs when I heard Guy calling whenhe woke up from his nap today...and I don't know if the deed was done before or if he was trying to teach me a lesson, but when I opened the door to his room, it reeked.

And Guy was nekkid.

And there was a puddle on the floor right in front of where he was standing in his crib.

And there were nuggets tossed about the room.

And junk under his nails.


I always knew that Chase would teach us lessons throughout our lives.  I just thought that they would be more of the lovey-acceptance-understanding-type of lessons.  Not Diaper Stripping 101.  I did not expect that.


momtofourgirls.Kari said...

yuck :) I so get your comment about know he would teach you lessons- just not that kind. Most of the time the lessons are more along the love type; but these kinds of lessons are the lessons that make me remember we have a kid with ds in the house. Sometimes I totally forget then she poops in her pants and wants to use it as chapstick... gross! The best thing is to give a quick bath then hold their clean little body close and cuddle :) Good luck!

Mandi said...

OH the things to look forward too... :)